TASK 1. GIS-based Mapping of Geographical areas of potential GDEs in the Alentejo region (IST-IDL)

1.1. Bibliographical inventory of GDEs in the Alentejo region (IDL)
1.2. Remote sensing characterization of GDEs (IDL)
1.3. Degree of dependence of GDEs on groundwater sources (IDL – IST)

TASK 2. Validation of potential GDEs using stable isotopes (IDL)

TASK 3. Linking deep-rooting tree productivity to groundwater table depth (UTAD-IST-IDL)

TASK 4. Modeling of the piezometric level in GDEs rich areas (IST-IDL)

TASK 5 . Mapping vulnerability risks for GDEs and for the agroforestry sector in Alentejo (IST-IDL)

TASK 6 . Dissemination of the results